The lens melted and the heroine’s eyebrows rang!

The human eye is the most valuable and sensitive organ. Eye problems cause us to blur when we see or read something. This is why we usually use glasses or contact lenses with the advice of a doctor.



The use of lenses in eye fashion is not new. Many people do not like to wear glasses all the time. Some people have to use contact lenses for professional needs. However, it is not right to use contact lenses all the time, experts say. Many heroine-models also use lenses in their eyes. Many times he has to read in embarrassment.


Recently, Tanha Tasnia, the heroine of Dhaka cinema, has been the victim of such embarrassment. Actress Tanha had an accident with a contact lens while doing a photoshoot at a fashion house on Cox’s Bazar beach.

He said his eyes were damaged when the contact lens melted in the scorching sun. He is currently resting at home, leaving all work behind. The doctor advised that after a few weeks of rest, the eyesight will be normal.


Tanha said, ‘The accident took place in Cox’s Bazar last Thursday (February 25). I was doing a photoshoot in the sun that day. The intense heat of the sun and light melts the contact lenses of my eyes. Immediately I opened the lens but could not see anything with my eyes.

I came to Dhaka by plane on the same day from the panic shooting and went to the doctor. The doctor bandaged his eyes and told him to rest with medicine. The left eye has suffered more damage. The situation has improved a bit in the last few days. But I have to rest for a few weeks.

Tanha Tasnia has recently finished shooting for a movie called ‘Biye Ami Karbo Na’ opposite filmmaker Emon. He is going to act in another movie with the same hero soon.


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