Terrible situation

Popular Hollywood actress Kate Winslet. He got the highest fame through the movie ‘Titanic’. But despite the success of the movie, the actress has faced personal criticism. He also called it a horrible experience of his life.


In an interview, Kate Winslet said, ‘I wrapped up after the release of the Titanic. It was being practiced day and night. Various personal and physical issues were discussed. There has been a lot of criticism of me in the British media, they were a little too harsh about me.


“Honestly, I was scared,” Kate said, noting that it was the worst experience of her life. I thought it was miserable and hoped this time would pass soon. It was done. But I understood what fame is all about. I was not ready for this fame, not at all. “I still feel like I’m not ready to work in big Hollywood movies,” Kate said. It is a big responsibility. I don’t want to ruin it by mistake. I want to survive in this world for a long time. I have actually tried to work on relatively small issues, so that I can better understand my skills and myself. Besides, we can continue with privacy and dignity. The latest movie starring Kate Winslet is ‘Ammonite’. The film is based on the biography of the famous fossil hunter Mary Anning. The character is portrayed by 45-year-old Kate.

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