Actress Payal Sarkar has joined BJP. Payal picked up the BJP flag in Nadda’s presence on Wednesday.


Before the 2021 assembly elections, the shift of parties continued in the state of West Bengal. When Yash Dasgupta from Rudranil Ghosh joined BJP, Joraful Shibir was joined by actor Sourav Das to Kanchan Mallick, Saini Ghosh.


With which a lot of rumors started. When Saini Ghosh, a ‘leftist’ minded person, joined the Trinamool Congress on Wednesday, social media was filled with memes one after another. After that, Srilekha Mitra opened her mouth with Saini.


However, Saini has not yet spoken openly about joining the Trinamool Congress. However, joining the grassroots, Saini commented that ‘Bangla wants the girl of the house’. A few hours after Kanchan Mallick, Manoj Tiwari and Saini Ghosh joined the grassroots, actress Payal Sarkar signed up for the Gerua camp. Genius

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